This web site is operated by Fulfilment & e.logistics magazine and m.logistics magazine, and previously we provided listings here of businesses mentioned in each issue of these publications.

You will now obtain much more value by consulting the online versions of the magazines themselves, or by going directly to our fully-searchable dedicated listings guide sites, which have much more information about the businesses listed. Please click one of the links below to go the most appropriate site.


Fulfilment & e.logistics
The definitive magazine on multi-channel fulfilment and home and small freight delivery, plus all the IT systems needed for stock control, warehousing, transport management and delivery delivery planning.



Telematics and mobile computing in logistics, transport and field service, including vehicle tracking and location, data capture, navigation, digital mapping, real-time PODs

Telematics & Mobile Data Guide          PUBLISHED ANNUALLY
Listings and editorial on suppliers of telematics and asset and vehicle tracking systems, plus over a dozen other categories including in-cab, mobile and handheld computers, integration software and field service applications.

Fulfilment Guide          PUBLISHED ANNUALLY
Listings and editorial on outsourced fulfilment specialists, plus unattended delivery systems, fulfilment software and related products and services.



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